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Leather craft is a wonderful industry in that it not only supplies us with practical goods, but works of art as well. These photos were taken by members of the Montana Leather Company team at the 2018 and 2019 World Leather Debut in Sheridan, WY. Take a look, and know that even these master crafters had to begin somewhere. Practice and determination are the main ingredients in a master, so get inspired!

Bags, Purses & Wallets

handbag, leather bag, tooled bag
leather bag, tooled purse, veg tan bag
Rope can, rope bag, tooled leather bag
leather bag, tooled bag, tiger bag
Tooled Saddle Bags - Liu Yang
Small Leather Bag - Cesar Ugarte
Pommel Bags - Wayne Gorst
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mermaid artwork, leather art
leather art
game of thrones sigils, house sigils game of thrones, leather art
sheridan leather show, leather tree
leather art
deer in a forest, leather art
leather art, tooled leather
Yoda's Swamp - Ann - Maree Ager
Waiting for the Night (Owl) - Sara Macor
Tiger and Water - Andrey Balakin
Portrait of My Mother - Annie Libertini
Aztec Calendar - Mary Watkins
{} - Yang Tao
Happy Koi - Jurgen Volbach
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carved saddle, wickett & craig
carved saddle, brown saddle
carved saddle, Carol Gessell saddle
Carved Saddle
Basket Stamped Saddle - Trevor Alexander - Burns Saddlery
Carved Saddles - Lee Patterson
Carved Saddles - Leroy Schwarz - Tongue River Saddlery
Carved Saddles - Spurr Watson - Spurr's Custom Saddle
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Boots, Shoes & Clothing

leather shoes, tooled shoes, hand crafted shoes
leather vest, leather clothes
leather helmet, biker helmet
leather corset, leather clothing
leather boots, leather shoes, tooled leather
Viking Armor - Tony Allen Bernier
Dragon Boots - Bai Yudong
Cowboy Boots - Shane Deeter
Cowboy Boots - Jim Brainard - JB Custom Leather
Caryl Wilson - Fringed Jacket & Pants
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Sheaths, Holsters & Scabbards

rifle scabbard, sheridan style
USPSA Competition Holster - Caleb Koller - Bitterroot Gunleather
Tooled Holster - Peter Main
Untooled Holster - John Ralston
Gaucho Knife - 94 Strand - Maximo Prado
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fantasy prop, leather figurine
leather flower, leather art, 3d leather
buffalo pillow, leather pillow, buffalo hair
leather clock, leather dragon
leather art, 3D leather, leather grasshopper
Vase - Yijun Wu
Ukulele - Kenta Miyake
Tooled Clock - Jiu xing Ren
The Sculpture of Spirit - Honghao Cai
Objet d'Art - Michiko Matsuda
Embellished Bison Skull - Wayne Hape
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