Wickett & Craig Skirting

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Skirting from W&C in natural or russet.

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What is Wickett & Craig Skirting?

Wickett & Craig (W&C) russet skirting is one of the more popular options for skirting leather. Thick and extremely responsive to dyeing and antiquing. Available in either a natural or russet color option.

When do people use Wickett & Craig Russet Skirting?

This style of leather works well for saddle skirts, stirrup leathers, fenders and armor for re-enactment. Crafters may prefer its rich look that takes leather dye and antiquing exceptionally well, in addition to precision tooling.

What thicknesses and sizes are available?

We offer both 10-12 oz and 12-14 oz skirting from Wickett & Craig. Average side is 27 square feet.

Learn more about leather thicknesses.

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10-12 oz, 12-14 oz


Natural, Russet

1 review for Wickett & Craig Skirting

  1. jimmontg

    This is the cleanest and most consistent leather I’ve ever made a belt from. I use the 10-12 oz skirting then I tape the very smooth back and it is quite smooth. I then stamp a full basket weave arrowhead pattern with no discernable stretch and have no need to put a liner on it to give it a stiff belt feel hence the 10-12 oz thickness. On carving I cheat sometimes and use a small rose stamp (keeps it below grade) and carve it using the fine detail swivel blade and it takes the smallest details and holds them. To say it cuts like a charm is no exaggeration and it splits in my small hand splitter almost as easily as oiled and waxed leather does. Hermann Oak is good, make no mistake, but Wickett & Craig is better. Ever notice you never see W&C in “Craftsman” grade, I wonder why? I really do wonder.

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