White Bison / Buffalo Leather

Bison leather in white.

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What is White Bison/Buffalo Leather?

A beautiful, full grain side of white buffalo leather. Available in three different thickness: 4-6 oz, 6-8 oz and 8-9 oz. Perfect for making bags, clothing, moccasins, horn wraps, purses and more. These sides can have marks or imperfections, but our white buffalo sides are otherwise in excellent condition. Finally, these sides are available in pieces!

White Buffalo Leather Qualities
  • Very soft
  • 4-6 oz, 6-8 oz & 8-9 oz thicknesses
  • Clear, white color
  • Large variation in size, but usually around 21 square feet
  • Typically has a few imperfections

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4-6 oz, 6-8 oz, 8-9 oz


3'x1' piece, 3'x2' piece, Full side


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