Hermann Oak Skirting Midgrade


Skirting leather at a great price.

What is Hermann Oak Skirting Midgrade?

Hermann Oak Skirting Midgrade is our most popular variety of skirting leather. The cowhides we receive from Hermann Oak are very good quality. While not necessarily of #1 quality, these sides are still extremely clean the vast majority of the time. Brands and marks are rare, but possible.

When do people use it?

Saddles, stirrup leathers and armor for re-enactment are popular uses. Customers looking to save some money will find a lot to like here versus the #1 sides.

What are the thicknesses and sizes?

Skirting leather comes in several thicknesses, and we have them all. Online, we offer the two most popular: 11/13 and 13/15 oz. The sides average 25 square feet.

Learn more about leather thicknesses.

Additional information

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11-13 oz, 13-15 oz


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