Hermann Oak Grade A Tooling Leather

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What is Grade A Tooling Leather?

Hermann Oak #1 tooling leather, or Grade A as we call it, is the best quality of Hermann Oak veg tan leather that money can buy. For the extra buck, you ensure that you get an excellent piece each and every time. Some imperfections are still possible, but they are negligible for all intents and purposes.

When do people use it?

Projects that require larger pieces of leather are usually better suited for Grade A. When you want a top of the line finished product, you want a top of the line leather to make it.

What thicknesses and sizes are available?

At Montana Leather, we offer a full range of thickness in tooling leather from 2 oz (1/32 in) to 12 oz (3/16 in). Average hide size is 25 square feet.

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3 reviews for Hermann Oak Grade A Tooling Leather

  1. steeliern (verified owner)

    I have been using HO b grade thinking it was the best I could get. I was wrong. For the little bit more I have to pay I get very nice A grade leather. This HO veg tan is used for holsters and knife sheaths primarily. It is worth the few extra $ to not have to “work around” areas that are not uniform. Yes, there may be a spot or 2. But nothing like on a b grade. Thank you for taking the time e to pick over the lot and set aside some A’s! I’ll be back.

  2. powellcustomleather (verified owner)

    This HO leather from Montana is by far the best. And what’s crazy is how fast they ship out. Lifetime customer here

  3. justindh85 (verified owner)

    I had been using B grade Hermann Oak and wasn’t very happy with some of the hides I had purchased. I found this A grade on Montana Leather’s website and decided to give it a try. Other than a few scars and bites it is a very clean hide. The flesh side is also very clean. I’ll be back for more!

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