Gold Moose Leather

Full grain moose leather in gold.

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Beautiful, gold moose leather in a 7-9 ounce thickness (approximately 1/8″). This leather has minimal stretch, but is still soft and supple. Perfect for making a sturdy, long lasting pair of moccasins or heavyweight garments. Our gold moose comes in full hides, but is available as a side or in cut pieces as well. Imperfections such as holes or scratches are possible, most of the leather is workable however.

Cut pieces will usually measure about 28″x16″ (3 square feet) and 28″x31″(6 square feet).

Gold Moose Leather Qualities
  • 7-9 ounces thickness (1/8″)
  • Beautiful, natural grain
  • Full hide average of 40 square feet
  • Supple, soft and strong
  • Imperfections are possible but few

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Yellow, Gold






6-7 oz


3 Square Feet, 6 Square Feet, Side (Half Hide), Full Hide


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