Camp Dry Fabric Protector


Performance fabric protector.

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What is Camp Dry Fabric Protector?

Camp Dry Fabric Protector from Kiwi restores durable water repellency on apparel to prevent “wetting out.” Ideal for all apparel such as coats, jackets, fleeces, hats, gloves, ski pants and light colored boots. Dries quickly leaving no odor. Comes in a 10.5 ounce canister.

Application Instructions

Test in an inconspicuous area first. Article should be clean and dry. Use in a well ventilated area, away from heat and flame. Hold can 7-10″ away and spray entire surface area evenly. Allow to dry one hour at room temperature. Repeat application to ensure maximum coverage and protection.

Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 8 in


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