Barge Thinner

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All purpose thinner from Barge.


Barge all purpose thinner is made especially for all purpose type cements (e.g. Barge or Master all purpose cement). Not intended for celluloid cement. Thick, stubborn cement can be thinned to desired consistency. Additionally, thinner can be used to clean your brush or to help remove parts bonded with all purpose cement. Contains toluene, so sales are unavailable to California residents who do not operate a licensed business.

Note: This is a consumer commodity (ORM-D) that may only be shipped via UPS, please make sure to select UPS as your shipping option.

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32 oz, 1 gal

1 review for Barge Thinner

  1. cutrightknives

    This was my first purchase with Montana Leather Company and I chose them because they had a great price…afterwards, I found out that they’re a staple among the leatherworking community which is a major plus.

    On to the product, it’s great. It works, simply add to the Barge cement to thin it, dissolve it or bring a half empty can that’s drying back to life (like I did). I have not used it to clean up or undo bonds yet, but based on what I experienced by spilling a bit on top of the cement can, it will do just that.

    It does contain some pretty harsh solvents, so keep it off your skin and use it in a seriously well ventilated area…contains tulene which is pretty dangerous.

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